5 Skincare Regimens Suitable for Summer and Winter

5 Skincare Regimens Suitable for Summer and Winter

February 1, 2021

Weather change affects our skins greatly. A change in the regimen should be customized to each season to suit the skincare concerns at certain times of the year. Warm and cool weather have different humidity levels. In winter, the cool weather means low humidity levels, which cause the moisture level of the skin to drop. The skin becomes dry with a dull skin tone requiring rich moisturizers.

In summer, the warm weather causes humidity levels to shoot up. The skin perspires more to reduce body heat. This activates the skin’s oil glands and becomes prone to pimples. Everyone needs a skincare routine that ensures the skin receives the best care all year round. The aesthetician in our med spa in Vienna offers a wide range of facial treatments for problems caused by changes in weather.

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Skincare Routine Suitable for Summer and Winter

1. Moisturize

A hydrating moisturizer is essential for all seasons in low or high humidity levels. Using a moisturizer ensures that your skin complexion is not stripped of its necessary hydration. It prevents overproduction of oil when the skin feels dry and buildup of dead skin on the skin’s surface. Moisturizers are important after exfoliation to prevent skin dryness and irritation. They prevent the skin’s protective lipid barrier from drying out. If the barrier breaks down, the skin becomes dry and irritated with more wrinkles.

2. Use Sunscreen

In winter or summer, sunscreen is important for the skin’s exposed areas like the face and neck. A broad-spectrum sunscreen defends the skin against Ultra Violet (UV) rays that damages the skin. There is hardly any sun in winter, but the sun’s reflection on snow is damaging to the skin. Blue light and UV rays from computers and mobile phones also cause radical damage to the skin. You should wear SPF, even when indoors.

3. Apply Facemasks

Facemasks ensure that your skin is exfoliated and well hydrated. A buildup of dry, dead skin cells creates a barrier. This prevents hydrating and moisturizing products from proper absorption into the skin. Without exfoliating facemasks, this results in clogged pores and breakouts on the skin.

4. Use water

Exposing your skin to the sun and air conditioning makes it dry in any season. Use Thermal water products full of essential minerals. These refresh your skin and strengthen it from aggressors like humidity and wind. Drink plenty of water and eat food rich in Omega 3 oils to replenish skin moisture and keep it soft.

5. Apply Eye cream day and night

Eye cream is part of the necessary skincare routine in all seasons. The sun damages the skin around the eyes, making it dry, causing lines and wrinkles, which show age and fatigue. Eye creams reduce and erase these signs of aging.

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How to Change Your Skin Care Routine?

1. Summer to winter

The light skincare formulas suitable in summer pave the way for emollient hydrating products to repair the sun-damaged skin. The low humidity in winter dries out the skin and makes it more sensitive. Changes on the skin are caused by the cold outdoor temperature and dry air from indoor heating. Skincare routine and products may change as follows;

  • Moisturizers suitable for dry skin that lock in water are essential. Switch from water-based moisturizers to those rich in fatty acids and ceramides—these repair the protective lipid barrier to prevent water loss and dryness.
  • Water-based cleansers used in summer are put away for creamy cleansers that purify the skin.
  • Serums are essential to skincare products for winter as they hydrate the skin.

2. Winter to summer

  • In hot weather, hydration is still important. Lightweight moisturizing formulas, preferably gel and water-based ones, are important. These protect the skin from losing moisture.
  • Light cleansers that remove impurities from the skin are used. Use a gel-based cleanser that has purifying and hydrating ingredients.
  • Warm weather means more outdoor activities that expose the skin to the elements. Serum protects the skin from aging caused by environmental factors. It brightens up the skin tone and boosts complexion due to its hydrating effects. If your serum does not satisfy you, visit an anti-aging treatment near you.