PDO Threads

PDO Threads in Vienna, VA

For many years, individuals struggling with age-related loss of skin elasticity and wrinkles had limited treatment options. Fast forward to today, advancements in beauty treatments have made the non-invasive and non-surgical restoration of youthful beauty a possibility. At Labelle MD Esthetics, we take pride in offering wide-ranging and personalized beauty treatments, including the popular PDO thread lift.

In the simplest terms, a PDO thread lift is a non-surgical facelift. A PDO facelift relies on PDO threads to achieve a subtle lift of facial features and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. PDO threads in Vienna, VA, come in various textures to allow for personalization of treatment.

The main types of PDO threads include mono threads, cog threads, and screw threads. Mono threads are smooth while cog threads are barbed. Screw threads consist of one or more intertwined threads. When inserted under the skin, these threads gently lift the face while also stimulating a healing response from the body. The enhanced production of collagen and structural support of the threads causes your face to appear younger, plumper, and firmer.

PDO Thread Lift Procedure

Dr. Lorena Popp will start by assessing your needs and expectations to determine if PDO threads are right for you. We will consider your comprehensive medical history before proceeding with treatment.

PDO thread lift procedure works well for minimal to moderate skin sagging in individuals aged between 35 and 65. If PDO threads aren’t well-suited for you, our doctor in Vienna, VA, will recommend other effective treatment to meet your unique requirements.

Before treatment, our doctor will ensure your face is make-up free before marking the treatment areas to guide the insertion of the threads. The treatment sites will be anesthetized to minimize pain and discomfort. Our doctor uses a long cannula that is pushed under the skin to deliver the threads to the target sites.

The number of threads inserted and the duration of treatment depend on the area of the treatment area and the desired results. Our doctor wraps up the process by gently massaging your face to prevent dimpling.

What to Expect After Treatment

Thread lift procedures involve a relatively short recovery time. Most patients resume work and other everyday activities after a few days. Some patients even return to work the next day. However, every individual is unique, and our doctor near you will advise you accordingly.

Immediately after the procedure, you may experience some soreness, swelling, and redness that should resolve after a while. While the skin lifting effects are visible immediately, they peak at around the six months’ mark once sufficient collagen production has been achieved.

Do you want a non-surgical facelift that will restore the lost glow and youthfulness of your past? Contact Labelle MD Esthetics to find out if a PDO thread lift would suit your needs. We’re a leading medical spa with many years of providing beauty treatments, including PDO threads near you.