Voluma - Wrinkle & Smile Lines Treatment

Are wrinkles and smile lines starting to appear on your once youthful face? When it comes to aging, nobody can turn back the clock. Fortunately for you, you can do the next best thing—invest in an injectable dermal filler that will make you feel and look younger without going under the knife.

Here at Labelle MD Esthetics, we provide treatments that guarantee patient satisfaction and long-term success. In particular, we are proud to offer Voluma®️ wrinkle and smile lines treatment in Vienna, VA. Voluma is a tried and tested hyaluronic acid filler that naturally restores the plumpness and glow of your face while also enhancing the definition of your facial features.

Voluma is ideal for patients with apparent signs of aging, including sagging cheeks, wrinkles, smile lines, and crow’s feet, among others. If you’ve always relied on anti-aging creams to combat the effects of aging, we’d love to introduce you to a more long-term and effective solution that will leave your face feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.

What to Expect

Our doctor in Vienna, VA, will start by evaluating you to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for wrinkle and smile lines treatment. We’ll ask about your medical history as well as any allergies or ongoing health concerns that you may have. Our doctor will use this information to determine if Voluma is appropriate for your needs.

On the day of treatment, Dr. Lorena Popp begins by applying topical anesthesia to help with discomfort and pain management. Next, the doctor injects the Voluma in small amounts over the treatment regions until the desired result is achieved. Our doctor may wrap up the process by gently massaging the treatment area to ensure even distribution.

Depending on your treatment needs and objectives, Dr. Lorena Popp will let you know how soon and often you need to come in for touch-up treatment.

Benefits of Wrinkle and Smile Lines Treatment

Voluma promises numerous, significant benefits to individuals who are struggling with aging-related facial sagging, including:

  • Voluma’s active ingredient (hyaluronic acid) boosts collagen production. This way, the skin restores itself from the inside out. Collagen is a crucial structural protein and the most abundant protein in human beings and other mammals. Sufficient collagen production ensures supple and youthful skin.
  • Voluma is highly effective and promises long-term results. The effects of Voluma can last up to two years or longer.
  • Voluma not only eliminates wrinkles, lines, and sagging, but it also enhances your natural features, thus giving your facial features a more desirable shape and contour.
  • Voluma is minimally invasive and doesn’t involve downtime. You can comfortably resume your normal routine after a treatment session.

While growing old is a priceless gift and an opportunity to behold more sunsets, you need not wear this gift on your face. Contact Labelle MD Esthetics today if you’d like to experience Voluma wrinkle and smile lines treatment near you.