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Everything to Know Before Trying Dermal Filler

Are you considering dermal fillers to eliminate wrinkles on your face by freezing your muscles temporarily? Dermal fillers like Botox have acquired popularity over the last few years as an injectable remedy delivering speedy results. This popular aesthetic procedure is acknowledged for its excellent results with minimal downtime.

Dermal filler procedures, when completed correctly, do not have any side effects. Unfortunately, you need answers to many questions before considering a cosmetic aesthetic procedure to improve your appearance. This article provides all information about getting dermal fillers to help you make the appropriate decision.

What Precautions Should You Take before Getting Dermal Fillers?

Inquire about the Origin of the Injectables

Do not seek this treatment from any vendor other than an authentic provider. It would help if you attempted to reduce the risks of receiving contaminated, expired, or dangerous products many websites offer to ensure you receive original fillers instead of spurious products.

You Receive What You Pay for

Injectables and your body come with a set of risks you must be aware of. If any provider is offering dermal fillers at meager prices, you must ensure the products are not diluted. At the same time, do not be overenthusiastic about the precautions of dermal fillers because the possibility of the provider purchasing the products from countries where pharmaceutical prices are substantially lower than in America is also a reality. However, you must be on your guard to avoid the risk of unauthorized suppliers compromising the safety of the injectables by improper storage or even offering spurious products. Therefore you must choose a provider charging fees according to the number of units of the products instead of how many zones of your face are injected.

Medications to Avoid Before the Treatment

The popularity of Botox treatments has made many people are aware they must avoid blood-thinning medications before undergoing the procedure. However, you must also avoid multivitamins, fish oil, green tea, red wine, ginger, and cinnamon for a week before the procedure because antioxidants increase the fragility of blood vessels to prevent clotting.


Consulting a specialist before the procedure is incredibly essential. The specialist performing the process must carefully evaluate different areas of your face before proceeding with the treatment. In addition, the consultation enables you to inquire about before and aftercare for dermal fillers because if you want to look refreshed, you must have all the information you need to succeed in your goal. The consultation will also help you to have a thorough health assessment before getting the injections.

Who Should Avoid Dermal Fillers?

If you are recommended antibiotics for any reason, you must put off treatments with dermal fillers to avoid the risks of distressing complications merely because you tried to improve your appearance using a cosmetic treatment. Instead, delay the treatment for a few days for the well-being of your facial and overall health.

Will You Experience Any Side Effects?

Some fillers injected between the brows may cause a temporary sensation of headaches or dizziness. You may also experience minor swelling in the area from the fluid injected. However, these side effects will fade away in 10 to 15 minutes.

How Long Will Results Last with Dermal Fillers?

The results of some dermal fillers can last between six to 12 months, while some fillers can last for between 2 to 5 years. Generally applied dermal fillers include hyaluronic acid and natural compounds helping the reproduction of collagen and elastin.

Currently, there are different types of fillers available on the market by various manufacturers. Some dermal fillers like Juvederm can last for approximately 24 months, with a touch-up treatment required after 12 months to prolong longevity. Therefore the type of filler you choose for your skin after a recommendation from your provider will determine the longevity of the results. One product like Bellafill delivers excellent results lasting for approximately five years.

When considering dermal fillers to improve your appearance, pay heed to your consultation with your provider to ensure you get what you deserve and nothing less. Do not accept these treatments from beauty salons without the knowledge or expertise to deliver injectables. Instead, choose a reputed provider like Tysons Internal Medicine and Wellness Center experts in such procedures to benefit most from the investment you make to enhance your appearance.

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