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The Importance of Changing Your Skin Care Routine For Summer and Winter

Taking care of your skin does not only concern anti-aging skincare. You have to be proactive with caring for the health of your skin, not just to look young. The goal should be to achieve excellence in how healthy your skin looks all the time.

While many people follow different regimens for their skin, not enough information is dispensed on the importance of changing up the routines when seasons change.

Understanding Seasonal Skincare

Seasonal skincare entails techniques and efforts to care for the health of your skin through different seasons of the year. The most crucial seasons of focus are winter and summer since they are very different from each other.

When seasons change, the air’s moisture level also changes drastically. Whether you acknowledge it or not, the changes in the air moisture level affect the health of your skin. When it is cold, for instance, there isn’t enough moisture in the air to go around. It is why everyone should be in a rush to heavy creams and ointments that can hydrate the skin. However, when seasons change, the amount of moisture in the air also changes, and so should your routine for caring doe your skin.

Importance of Changing Your Ordinary Skincare for Summer and Winter

  1. To promote hydration – when seasons change, the need for hydration also changes. Your skin requires ample moisture to remain healthy. Adjusting your skincare method when seasons change will ensure that you are getting the right amount of moisture penetrating your skin.
  2. To protect your skin – when summer comes, the sun is out to play. Unless your skincare routine accounts for this change, you may not be fully prepared to care for your skin. The harmful rays of the sun can impact the health of your skin. This is why you must adjust your daily routine to account for the changes in temperature as well as the UV rays that can easily damage your skin. Make sure you soak up as much sunscreen as you can for your body before hitting the beach.
  3. To unblock your pores – dry, dead skin cells that form during the cold season pile up and settle on your face. When summer comes, you must take care of your skin differently to ensure that the blockage on your pores does not worsen and turn into facial acne.

Tips for Changing Your Skincare Routine from Winter to Summer

Winter to summer is a big adjustment, and not only to the clothes you wear. Some of the following tips should help you care for your skin better between the different seasons:

  1. Use up your sunscreen – this product should help create a barrier on your skin to protect it from the rays of the sun. When the sun is all put during the summer, ensure you get sunscreen of SPF higher than 30.
  2. Opt for less creamy products – creamy products, including cleansers, are perfect for winter because they help hydrate your dry skin. However, during the summer, you want to avoid any heavy creams on your face. This will only result in the build-up of impurities from creams, sweat, sebum, and pollution from the environment.
  3. Avoid face oils – they can easily suffocate your skin when it’s hot outside. They may play a big role in the health of your skin during winter, but when summertime comes, opt for serums instead.
  4. Use water-based moisturizers – when it’s hot outside, the body produces more oils in your skin. This means that there is already some hydration for your skin. Even though it is not sufficient for you to skip the step in your daily routine, it merits a change of product. Choose water-based moisturizers as they are more lightweight and allow better breathability of your skin when it’s hot. For people with oily skin types, however, you may have to leave out the moisturizer altogether. Instead, your skin will get all the moisture necessary, from the sunscreen you use.
  5. Unclog your pores – the skincare routine during winter is a little heavier than is the case during summer. Due to the frequent use of a different technique during winter, you need to exfoliate when summertime comes. The goal is to unclog your pores, which may have happened during winter. This will lighten up your dull skin and produce the gloss needed for summer.

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