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What is a Botox Facial?

Cosmetology is a significant part of people’s lifestyle in the 21st century. There are many alternatives as to how you can improve your appearance. While some people are willing to go under the knife to alter their appearances, cosmetic surgeries are not for everyone. Some people prefer less invasive procedures that offer a quick fix to their situation. This can be said of Botox facial procedures, which have become very reliable for patients seeking to quickly improve the appearance of their faces.

What Is Botox Facial?

It is a customized skincare solution that caters to the layers of the skin by combining a microneedling procedure with topical serums and Botox. Technically, the procedure entails delivering a dose of muscle-freezing neuromodulators, in this case, Botox, using microneedles. However, the procedure concentrates only on the upper layers of the skin, making Botox facial different from a traditional Botox injection that penetrates deep into the various layers of your skin.

The Botox serum used for Botox facial treatments is delivered into your skin without affecting muscle movement. One of the reasons why people prefer this treatment over other facial treatments is because it is a non-invasive option. When done correctly, you never have to worry about the facial flaws you had before.

What Does the Procedure Entail?

Your physician will ensure your face is properly cleansed. Afterward, numbing anesthetic is applied to the target area to ensure that the procedure is as painless as possible. Once the numbing has set in, your physician uses a microneedling tool that is rolled over the area of your face being treated. As it rolls over your skin, the tool makes tiny pricks on the surface of your skin. Multiple pricks are made, causing micro-injuries that promote the production of collagen by your skin.

In some Medispas, the microneedling tool is the same device that will administer the Botox-based serum into your skin. However, for other cases, the practitioner will apply the serum on your skin, then use the microneedling device to allow the penetration of the serum into the micro-channels created by the device.

Who Needs Botox Facial?

Today, almost anyone can get Botox facial treatment as long as you desire to improve the appearance of their face. However, the use of this treatment in cosmetology includes the following:

  1. Tightening the skin
  2. Reducing the size of skin pores
  3. Restoring the glow in your face – through delivering nutrients necessary for healthy glowing skin.
  4. Evening uneven skin tones
  5. Improving the texture of your skin by making it smooth
  6. Getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines – particularly on your forehead and around your mouth.

When preparing for the treatment, be sure to talk to a physician beforehand. While you may be interested in getting the procedure done, you may not be a fit candidate. Some of the factors that can disqualify you from Botox facial treatment include the following:

  1. Open wounds
  2. Have been using certain products for the last 6 months – examples include retinoid, topical antibiotics, Accutane, to mention a few
  3. Skin infections and other diseases
  4. Keloid scars, or a history of having them in the past.
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Breastfeeding

How Long Does Botox Facial Last?

Botox lasts differently for different people. It depends on several factors, most importantly, how your body responds to the Botox thereof. Other than that, the professional that performs your treatment can impact the effectiveness thereof, as well how long your treatment last. It is why we recommend getting a board-certified dermatologist for Botox in Vienna, VA, to perform your procedure.

In many cases, however, Botox Facial lasts between 3 and 4 months. However, this still differs among patients. For some, the results can last within the 6-month range, while others have shorter-lasting results reaching as far as two months. If it is your first time getting a Botox facial, talk to your physician about the duration of the treatment. For first-timers, the treatment lasts a shorter period than for repeat patients.


If you are willing to invest your money into cosmetology, then you should be, in the least, ready to invest your time to learn about all the available procedures. Be informed about any side effects to expect, as well as the costs of running such treatments as Botox facials that can prove expensive.

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